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Every model in the SARAGIUNTI collection has a hi-tech heart. Discover it.


A patented technology allows the inside of the bag to be illuminated when it is opened. Searching for objects inside the bag has never been easier!

With the integrated quick charge power bank you can recharge smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices in short time.
Find your bag. With the SARAGIUNTI app you can verify your last location on a map.

LED Light

Each time the bag is opened, a strip of LED lights is activated to illuminate the entire contents.


All SARAGIUNTI models (except the Monogram line) are equipped with a USB port with which you can charge any electronic device in quick charge mode.

Find My Bag

All SARAGIUNTI models (except for the Monogram line) allow you to display the last position of the bag through the SARAGIUNTI app if the geolocation service is active on your smartphone.

Brand SARAGIUNTI Monogram

Pressing the SARAGIUNTI logo inside the bag will activate a light to illuminate its contents.

Connect your SARAGUNTI MONOGRAM to your smartphone, you will receive the notifications you want directly on the bag that will alert you with a vibration or light signal.


LED Light

Each press of the button inside the bag activates a strip of LED lights that illuminates the entire contents.

Notify Me

Connect your bag via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone. A vibration of the handle will indicate incoming notifications and calls.



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Compatibilità con i dispositivi Android
Reset forzato della borsa
Dopo aver scollegato dalla ricarica la borsa, il LED verde continua a lampeggiare e le funzionalità luce e notifiche sono disabilitate