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Sara Giunti

Creative Designer

Bold makeup, clear ideas and art in her veins.

SARA GIUNTI is a brand of bags and accessories inspired by the world of technology and functionality without forgetting however aesthetics and design

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The founder of the brand is Sara Giunti, a young designer and businesswoman with a strong attitude toward creativity and inventiveness developed since she was a child. Keen on arts and design, in 2011 Sara Giunti graduated in Fashion Design at Ied, in Rome. Soon after her graduation, she decided to launch a collection of products that could combine aesthetic values and technology with a style that is both chic and functional.

Her creative and entrepreneurial talents did not go unnoticed: in November 2013, Sara was awarded with the “Premio Ambasciatore dei Valori dell’Imprenditoria”, within the Ardesis Festival European Enterprise Day, sponsored by the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The brand comes to life thanks to the cooperation of a team of technicians and engineers. Its basic idea was to create a high quality product with an iconic and timeless design, which could meet the needs of a present-day feminine audience. SARAGIUNTI’s ideal customer is an active woman who loves fashion, likes travelling and prefers functional accessories while paying attentions to her style and new trends.

SARAGIUNTI is a brand of extremely functional bags that stands out for its contemporary forms and innovative design. Lines and geometrical forms can be found not only in the structure of the bags, but also in each elaborated and customized detail.

Nothing is left to chance and each collection shows this great attention to every detail. The same attention is paid to the choice of the materials: fine and simple hides and skins combined with modern tissues, defined by a high level of research and technological contents.

The main source of inspiration is the Oriental world that brings to the collections an ardent atmosphere of strong colours, evocative tastes and lines and traits in Origami style. The Dna of SARAGIUNTI’s brand and logo confirms the essential predilection for geometry.

Three triangles intersect to form the logo: functionality, design, aesthetic and technological research.

These triangles create an origami that holds a sketched Kimono, representing Sara Giunti’s philosophy of minimal design and oriental influences.


Currently, the SARAGIUNTI collection is distributed through a network of 20 classy multi-brand stores in Italy and Europe. Europe is the main market but there is a particular attention to Japan and the United States as well, two markets with great potential for an elegant, deluxe and, at the same time, high-tech product. Eyes are also headed toward China, South Korea and the Emirates.

SARAGIUNTI bags are provided with a unique patented technology that, thanks to a sensor, activates a series of Leds which lighten up the content of the bag at the movement of the zipper.
The battery that supplies power to two inner Led strips can also be used to recharge smartphones and other electronical devices via a cable and a USB port.

Young Roman designer Sara Giunti has been passionate about art and design ever since she was a child, a passion fuelled by her aesthetic sense.

She graduated from IED - European Institute of Design; in Rome with a diploma in Fashion Design.

In 2012 she launched her brand L’Ed Emotion Design, , a collection of handbags combining fashion and design in a contemporary, almost futuristic form, today known as the brand SARAGIUNTI.